Terms and Conditions

WARRANTY / GUARANTEE terms on products

Safety and defective products:
Hardsoft Products by Alessandro Novelli implements a control policy aimed at verifying that the products sold through its website accessible at www.hspshop.it are safe, non-hazardous and non-defective, in compliance with the provisions of the Legislative Decree September 6th 2005 n. 206 (Consumer Code), articles 103 and following.
In case of responsibility for damage from defective product, Hardsoft Products of Alessandro Novelli will promptly and, in any case, within three months from the request, to communicate the name, domicile and any useful or necessary information to the exact identification of the manufacturer or who supplied the product.
We decline any responsibility for any damage that may, directly or indirectly, derive from persons, things or animals as a result of failure to observe the requirements indicated in the appropriate operating booklet and concerning, especially, the instructions on INSTALLATION, USE AND MAINTENANCE OF THE DEVICE.

Guarantee of conformity:
The guarantee of conformity of the products sold by Hardsoft Products by Alessandro Novelli in favor of the Consumer Customer is provided by virtue of the provisions contained in Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 n. 206 (Consumer Code) on guarantees in the sale of consumer goods.

GUARANTEE means the free repair or replacement of components or parts of the appliance recognized by their manufacturers as faulty in manufacturing or in the material.

The GUARANTEE is recognized by presenting the original purchase document (receipt or invoice) with the article for which warranty repair is requested.

For final consumers, ie those who purchase for purposes unrelated to their professional or entrepreneurial activity and therefore with a receipt, the Legislative Decree No. 206 of 6 September 2005 will apply (two years according to the law);
For other buyers, ie professionals who usually buy with a VAT number and therefore with an invoice, the legal guarantees as per articles 1490 and following c.c. will apply. (one year under the conditions of law).

In any case, any warranty extensions issued directly by the manufacturer remain valid.

Hardsoft Products by Alessandro Novelli provides the end consumer with the official European warranty for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase. By virtue of this guarantee it is possible to obtain direct and immediate assistance for the products purchased, at the official technical service of the manufacturer within six months from the date of purchase. Over the six months but in any case within 24 months from the purchase, the warranty is guaranteed to the consumer provided that this proves that the defect was present at the time of purchase. The consumer loses the right to assert the aforementioned guarantee if he does not denounce the defect of conformity within 2 months of its discovery.

The warranty is valid for the following defects:
the product does not correspond to what is specified in the sales sheet;
the product does not possess the technical characteristics essential for its use;
the product has manufacturing defects that prevent its usual use;

Hardsoft Products will not be responsible for any damage that may result from misuse or wear, handling or non-professional installation, malfunction due to short circuit or external causes such as overvoltages, power surges, lightning damage or otherwise clearly due to external causes, use of accessories that are inappropriate or forbidden by the manufacturers, falls, water, fire or improper or abusive use by the Customer or third parties not authorized by the manufacturer.
The warranty is also excluded for defects that were already known by the customer at the time of purchase. The guarantee of conformity of the products sold in favor of subjects qualified as professional users and therefore not mere consumers is only the conventional one as expressly provided by the relative Producer.
Hardsoft Products undertakes to provide the Client with a professional, who requests it, the text of the contractual conditions to which the Manufacturer undertakes to provide the aforementioned conventional guarantee where the same are not provided directly by the Manufacturer together with the product.


Warranty exercise mode:
The serial number of the product considered non-compliant must correspond with that present in the commercial archives of Hardsoft Products by Alessandro Novelli, or be actually sold by this company.
Warranty service is not provided for products purchased from third parties.
The Customer, before returning a non-compliant article, and in order to assert the warranty on products purchased online, must communicate the product data by agreeing in writing, also by e-mail, with Hardsoft Products by Alessandro Novelli within the deadline 10 days from the date of the defect of the product, the methods of return and delivery of the same.
Hardsoft Products of Alessandro Novelli, upon receipt of this communication, undertakes to indicate to the Customer a return number for the product, as well as the methods and place of delivery.
The shipping costs at our premises for the products under warranty are charged to the customer, while the return to the customer is borne by Hardsoft Products if within italian borders, while they are charged to the customer if outside Italy.
In the case of particularly bulky products, Hardsoft Products by Alessandro Novelli will arrange for their collection at the customer's home via their courier at a special rate.
If the Customer, within the aforementioned term of 10 days starting from the complaint of the conformity defect, does not arrange to agree with Alessandro Novelli's Hardsoft Products, the procedures for exercising the guarantee, including how to return the product, will expire from the right to to assert the guarantee.

Once the Product has been received, Alessandro Novelli's Hardsoft Products will check it in its own laboratory, also availing itself of the Manufacturer's facilities and, if the defect is found, the product will be repaired or replaced, according to necessity and convenience, at the sole discretion of the technician, and sent back to the customer in free port.

If, as a result of the check, the product is not affected by defects of conformity, Hardsoft Products of Alessandro Novelli will inform the customer about the costs necessary for its repair or replacement, which will be charged to the customer.
The costs related to the transport of products that do not show conformity defects will therefore be charged to the Customer.