Shipping and payment conditions

Price and payment of goods

Price determination:
the final price to the public sale of the product or service includes the final cost for the customer, inclusive of VAT, with specification of the shipping costs of the products.
The final cost, therefore, will be communicated to the Customer in the online purchase process before he formalizes his acceptance by choosing the expected option.

Unilateral price changes:
Hardsoft Products of Alessandro Novelli reserves, unilaterally and at any time, the right to change the price of the products and services indicated on its website.
In order to guarantee the customer the certainty and security of the price of the products purchased, the amount charged will be the one indicated on the website at the time of formalization of the order, as indicated by the Order Confirmation.

Fiscal documents and billing:
Hardsoft Products of Alessandro Novelli will issue for each order made by private customers a special receipt that will be attached to the package or to the transport document where required.
Where requested by a natural or legal person or
professional user who placed the order who holds an I.V.A. /VAT number an invoice will be issued as an alternative to the receipt, which will be delivered together with the product at the address designated by the customer.
Ex-post invoices can not be issued unless requested at the time of ordering.
The Customer is solely responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of the information provided to Alessandro Novelli's Hardsoft Products for billing purposes.

Methods of payment for foreign transactions:
The payment of the sums due following the conclusion of the Contract can only take place using one of the methods indicated below:

Paypal  /  Major Credit cards
Order management on average within 24-48 working hours. Additional commissions will be charged for the method of payment and evidenced
during the ordering process.

Bank wire transfer in advance
The bank transfer requires the actual credit on our current account of the amount required by the transaction.
The technical time required is on average 2-4 days from the bank transfer before being able to proceed with the shipment.
The relevant IBAN data will be provided when the order is formalized.