Right of withdrawal

Right of withdrawal

In compliance with the provisions of articles 64 and following of Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 no. 206 (and subsequent amendments and additions), the Customer (consumer), if not satisfied with the products or the content of the services purchased on-line at Hardsoft Products of Alessandro Novelli can return the same products or waive the right to provide services and obtain the reimbursement of the price already paid during the prepayment.
The costs of sending the product from the Customer to Alessandro Novelli's Hardsoft Products are charged to the Customer.
The only cost of the product is reimbursed, not the additional shipping costs, bank commissions and additional services requested.

The Professional Customer can not use the right of withdrawal.

Mode of operation: to this end, the Customer must contact Hardsoft Products of Alessandro Novelli within 10 days of delivery of the products or within 10 days of the purchase of the services, with a written notice sent by registered mail and message e-mail to hsp@hsp.it containing all the information necessary and useful for the correct processing of the return and reimbursement procedure.

This communication must necessarily contain all of the following:
A) the express wish of the Customer to want to withdraw in whole or in part from the purchase contract;
B) the number and the original of the document (invoice - transport document) proving the purchase of the order with respect to which it intends to exercise the right of withdrawal, of which the Customer may retain only a copy;
C) the description and the codes of the Products with respect to which the right of withdrawal is exercised;

The crediting will be made by bank transfer (for original payments by bank transfer, bulletin, cash on delivery) or by direct credit card reimbursement (for original payments with PayPal). Charge commissions retained by banks or Paypal will not be reimboursed.

For refunds involving the payment with financing, the customer agrees to pay shipping costs, cancel the loan, or liquidate the loan and reimburse the value of the product.

Following receipt of the communication with which the customer communicates his desire to exercise the right of withdrawal, Alessandro Novelli's Hardsoft Products verified the correspondence to the above requirements, will communicate by e-mail to the Customer the ways in which to perform the return of products.
The return of products in favor of Alessandro Novelli's Hardsoft Products must take place within 10 days of delivery.
From receipt of the products, to their return, the Customer is required to store and store the received products with the utmost care and diligence, and for which he intends to exercise the right of withdrawal, keeping them intact together with the original, internal and external packaging and all the hardware and software accessories supplied with each product, such as, for example, drivers, cables, adapters, plugs, tools, etc.
All costs and risks resulting from transport operations for the return of the products are fully borne by the Customer, except for the option for these to insure the shipment, supporting the related costs.

The refund usually takes place within 30 days of receipt of the notice of withdrawal and in any case only after the goods have been received sent back by the Customer and full compliance with the requirements for their withdrawal has been established.

Effects of withdrawal: the right of withdrawal, exercised within the specified period, is up to the non-professional customer without any penalty: the seller must reimburse the sums paid, including the costs of receiving the goods.
The only expenses that the Consumer will have to pay are those for REPAYING the goods to the seller (Alessandro Novelli's Hardsoft Products).
The incorrect exercise of the right of withdrawal, according to regulatory and contractual provisions, legitimizes Hardsoft Products of Alessandro Novelli to send back to the sender the products returned by the Customer, with an increase in transport costs.

Exclusion of the right of withdrawal: the right to return the product and to request the reimbursement of the amounts paid, however, remains excluded if the product in question is a software supplied sealed and the customer has removed the seal. It is also excluded the return of the amount paid if the customer has started to use the services purchased. The return of products and the refund of the amount are always subject to the integrity of the products purchased.

Hardsoft Products will only accept a minimum wear of the product, due solely to its test to make a decision about its final purchase, without having altered the conditions of the product at the time of delivery. In case of excessive use of the goods which proves impossible to refurbish, the return will not be accepted.
The packaging must be ORIGINAL and not altered ..
Hardsoft Products will not accept returns of products handled by the Customer, or goods that will be returned incomplete of their main items and accessories, including manuals and what is attached to the original packaging.

It is not possible to exercise the right of withdrawal beyond the established deadline or for products subject to fluctuations in a market not controlled by Alessandro Novelli's Hardsoft Products, nor for perishable objects or objects that could easily be reproduced with immediate effect, or which by their nature can not be returned. In the same way, we will not proceed with the withdrawal of goods or orders which, due to their special characteristics, can be considered as tailor-made for the Customer.

The return of the following products is not possible at any time:
All types of software, memories, hard disks with damaged packaging;
All kinds of products related to personal care, health and hygiene
All types of products that are not returned in the same delivery conditions.
This implies that digital equipment must be restored to the original factory settings.